Green-Wood cover


Allison Cobb

Poetry / American Studies

Heretical Texts
Factory School, 2010
166 pages, 5.75x8.25.

ISBN: 978-1-60001-067-5 (paperback)
ISBN: 978-1-60001-068-2 (hardcover)

Paperback: $15
Hardcover: $30

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Description: Allison Cobb wanders Brooklyn’s famous nineteenth century Green-Wood Cemetery and discovers that its 500 acres--hills and ponds, trees and graves--mirror the American landscape: a place marked by greed, war, and death, but still pulsing with life. The book is a testament to what survives and an elegy for what is lost, the long dead, the landscape itself, but especially those who died in the twin towers and in the United States’ ongoing wars.

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Heretical Texts